Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Vampire Diaries The Hunters: Phantom Review

                So this review will be short and simple.  This book took what amounted to me as forever to read.  It was good and along the lines of the other books in the series.  Damon is supposed to be gone for good.  Everyone has emotional insecurities and they are brought to surface and made more dominate no matter how silly they are.  Everyone is acting very strange, new people coming into town and also coping with figuring out what they missed in their re-undestroyed town.

                Basically Elena is front and center with her group and still in love with both brothers Stefan and Damon.  One is gone and she loves him still and acting totally irrational in my opinion.  I guess I don’t care for this Elena as much as the one on the show.  Maybe I don’t get the constant pull between both brothers, sure I get it they both have their appeal and love her but when you see in the very first or 2nd book of the series how it destroyed them loving the same woman, and how it hurts them both how do you justify putting them in the middle for your selfish needs.  Choose one or neither, clearly this option doesn’t work.

                Anyways my feelings on Elena aside, everyone is coping with the new differences in their un destroyed lives.  Also save the town yet again from an evil, but this evil they created.  A Phantom, clear given the title.  Anyways the gang has to work on this problem while dealing with their own personal dramas that seem to take up twice as much space as the main plot point but never get resolved really.
                So overall I’d say it’s like the others in the same style just with a new evil foe.  Maybe 2.5 stars.  Meredith, Alaric, and Mrs. Flowers are my favorite characters which is funny being as they are the most level headed in the series.  I’ll  keep reading them, I’m an addict and I can’t start a series and not finish it when I have even a scrap of interest in it so until the next book…

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