Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog Update

                Okay so I haven’t updated in over a week and I was doing oh so good before.  So this is just an update and brief thoughts.  I am currently reading a book, the new Vampire Diaries The Hunters: Vol 1 Phantom and it is just like the others. 

                On these books I don’t really get as excited.  I started reading them before the show came on because a good friend of mine (same one who got me into Twilight) told me she was reading them.  She told me they were strange and very different but that they were making a show and the trailer looked amazing so I figured why not.  I know I know most of the time people like the book more than the show/movie but in this case I like the show better.  Strange right?  The first episode I was slightly upset that they changed so much, the main character is supposed to be blonde, have a very little sister, and 2 best friends and one of the characters who is evil (brunette).  The main character isn’t blonde, she has a HOT younger (slightly) brother, one of the best friends doesn’t exist, and the evil girl is blonde and one of the nicest fun characters on the show.  There is also the changes in mythology.  But after I finished the episode I thought it was really cool and just decided it was totally different from the book and take it on its own which for me has worked. 

                Now some of you might wonder why I read the books if they aren’t my favorites.  That would be because I have to.  I can’t just stop reading something especially if it’s still mildly interesting.  The books are okay, way out there for sure, and sometimes the main character drives me insane but oh well.  Between ¼ and ½ way finished and these seem to take longer to read so the other books I can’t wait to read have to wait. 

                Also keeping me occupied this last week was writing and editing.  I mentioned before I’m working on my book…which I haven’t done in a while.  I know bad me.  But on the up side I did write a short story which I submitted earlier today to a contest so hoping something happens there.

                Let’s talk about short stories.  I never thought I’d be able to tell one as I can go on and on and well you get the picture but I decided to give it a try.  I had this idea for a meeting between two people that I wrote down over a year ago and planned to work into either my fan fiction or my book but decided that wouldn’t work but seeing the contest thought it’d make a great short story.  So I wrote it and really enjoyed it.  So much in fact that I have a couple more in my head to write.

                What about you?  Have you ever wrote a short story?  If you love to write or have the idea for one I say give it a go.  It was so much fun and I’m finding it very helpful, although distracting me from my book but I will have to work on that too.

                Also I had the great pleasure of reading a fellow writers book draft.  I met her at the conference and after being amazed that she’d finished her book I offered to read.  I am hoping that before too long it will be out and I can write a review for it.  Once she sends me her blog info I’ll totally post it.  I’ve also been continuing my horse riding lessons.  Yes my mom and brother have had the 2 horses for 5-7 years now and I never had any inclination to get on until last month.   They are being helpful and teaching me, slowly as it hurts and sometimes Beauty (the horse I ride) is stubborn.  Sometimes I do what I’m supposed to but she decides she knows better than me.  It’s a process but it’s fun learning even if my body hurts the next day.

                Oh and there is the little fact that the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn is oh so deliciously close.  I can’t wait to meet up with my midnight showing crew and have a fun entire day of fun.  Also I get to try some new recipes Wednesday for the event so should be fun.  Anyways that’s all for now.  I’m sure I’ll write a review for Breaking Dawn. 

Until next time,

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