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Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas need I say more?

                Hello again.  I hope you all enjoyed the fun on the blog yesterday with the interview with wonderful author Aileen Erin and other goodies for the release of her new book.  If you missed it click here.  Lots of goodies and I have some more fun things like that scheduled in the coming weeks I'm excited to share with you.  Today though I'm excited to be talking about my Heir of Fire review.  Yes I have been building up through the books that I have loved oh so much getting closer to the newest beauty.

                Heir of Fire is the third book in the series so there will be some spoilers from the previous books, sorry.  Read, catch up, and come back!   To see my previous reviews see Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight.

Rating: 5 Stars

The back!
                Okay so Celaena is in a bad place when we pick up with her.  Stuck between her oath and everything else in her life.  She is worrying about those she left behind, like Chaol, and how he reacted when he figured out what her parting whisper meant, that she is fae.  She is Aelin Galathynius .  She is back in a part of the world where magic is free and ready to discover the secrets of her heritage that will change everything.  While back at the palace things are never dull and darkness is spreading and taking over. 

                I liked that we saw things happening from several different points and as they were so spread out over the world it gave a global image.  We even got a new POV of Manon.  She is a witch, one of the thirteen bad ass ironteeth.  I admit I wasn't a huge fan of the Manon chapters at first.  They were a bit out there for me.  I think to get introduced to a new characters POV, particularly one that isn't easy to like, they could have been a bit shorter.  Because when they started I got annoyed only wanting to get back to my main peeps.  But as the story progressed I grew to enjoy them and I know they will probably play a big part in the stories to come.  We also got to meet Rowan!  He is a pretty bad ass fae and basically he gets to kick Celaena's behind and be her fae Mr. Miyagi.  He also turns into a Hawk, which as I generally don't like birds on principle, I thought was pretty bad ass for him.  I liked getting to know him and the other fae we meet.  Such a different way of life and something needed for her while she is still suffering and dealing with losing Nehemia.  We also got to see more of Aedion and learn more of his story.  He seems like a pompous ass, just like the king but as we get closer the truth is so much more fun to uncover.  Plus his interaction with Chaol is priceless. 

                Then back on the home front Dorian finds new love!  Again while I'm totally Team Chaol I still love Dorian and was sad that he was hurt by Celaena and Chaol in Crown of Midnight.  So when he started to get to know and fall for the healer, I figured it would have some trouble attached given everything but I loved them.  They were so cute together the way she was nervous and didn't want to be hurt but he was so sweet and genuine and pulled in by her eagerness to help him.  She didn’t shy away that he has magic.  I think she helped him more than anything else could have just by being there and supporting him.  He has magic, that's a fact of his dangerous life now.  I also loved the conversations Dorian and Chaol have still in an awkward place.  Neither of them is good at communicating.  Men, meh.  Chaol doesn't want Dorian to know about Celaena's secret at first but eventually he does.  After that Dorian sees he had been trying to help her get away, but he knew she would return she had after all promised.  They work together and eventually slowly find a way back to their friendship, not the same but still there.  I liked that they were about to work through most of their issues and go back to working together and that Celaena was there with them in a way.  I liked that we saw more of what each saw in her and how talking about her made them both realize things about her.  I loved one line in particular that Dorian told Chaol, "You cannot pick and choose which parts of her to love."

               We also learn more about the darkness and evil coming into the world.  Both sides are working to figure out ways to stop it but still don't know they are working towards the same goal.  Also with the witches we get a chance to see more from the evil prospective, what's being planned.  Also note to self never piss them off…okay just avoid at all costs.  I really enjoyed Abraxos too and that is about the time when her chapters started to be more fun and interesting to me, he humanized her in a way.  A small way at least but enough to show me she had depth.  There are tons of battles and adventure and mystery and everything we come to love and expect from this series.  It also leaves you with such a huge hole in your heart when you finish it that you NEED MORE ASAP!!!

                One last thing, I realize that many people ship Celaena and Dorian over her and Chaol.  I realize she's not with either of them currently but still.  I'm on Team Chaol and I will go down with my ship.  Though again I wasn't totally against the other.  Still with how Heir of Fire progresses and things laid that set my little head to spinning with theories and such I am a tad bit nervous about what may happen to my Chaol. 

                That's all for today.  As usual comments are food to the soul.  Share your thoughts below.  What did you think of Heir of Fire?  Did you like the gang being split up for this one and seeing more of the world?  Did you secretly wish you could fly on Abraxos?  Tell me below.  Until next time…remember

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