Thursday, September 10, 2015

~Sisterhood of the Wold Bloggers Award~

I was nominated by Bogdana at Bogdana The Booknerd Thanks!  This is pretty simple.

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Questions Given to Me:

Total romance covers but
these books!
Do you ever re-read books?  If yes, most re-read book.  Yes.  I always try to re-read any book to movie ones before the movie of course but books I constantly find myself re-reading is the Goddess Summoning series by P.C. Cast.  I read them the first time years ago and I just fell in love with them and sometimes something will remind me of them and I won't be able to remember one detail and it will nag me so I pick up the book (or my kindle as I have both copies) and just mean to look that one thing up and then next thing I know I've re-read 75% of the book already lol.

Hardcover, paperback, ebook, or audiobook? All!  Physical I prefer hardcover as they are more durable and such.  Most important is I want all my books to match same format and all the same cover.  I have one series in paperback because it’s the only way they all matched *cough* Shatter Me *cough* I also love my ebooks for always having it in my purse if stuck in line or anything and traveling also when your hands are a little tied up.  Recently I've found audiobooks to be great when I have a migraine or a serious sinus headache that makes reading hurt my eyeballs, listening is good. 

Do you like read-alongs with friends or Goodreads groups?  If yes, what book would you like to read-along next?  Yes!  I love the bi-weekend read-alongs with my friend Bogdana who tagged me and our new Goodreads group, Perpetual YA Bookworms.  I'm super looking forward to figuring out what book wins the poll!  I like knowing someone is reading it with me so I can talk about it, I have a built in base to talk to about it.  I'm still working on getting people to comment to reviews so I can discuss there but slow steps, reading groups mean everyone is reading the same thing at the same time (ish) so I can finish a part and go gush about it and then jabber and theorize! 

Favorite book this year.  I have read too many amazing books for this.  I was scanning books I read this year and I'd say oh this one…no this one….no this one…it's almost impossible.  Then before I picked on this one came out and was in my life and it was so clear, Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas because OMG 

Favorite author.  Right now it's a tie between Sarah J Maas and Richelle Mead I think.

Do you have a current library card?  Sadly not yet.  Where I used to live the library was very old and outdated and was a distance from my place plus I like owning my books.  I have been meaning to check out the library in my current area and see how it is.

Do you listen to music when reading?  If yes, what do you normally listen to?  Sometimes. Depends on my mood and what's happening around me.  If I'm at work it's not feasible but if I'm trying to drown out background noise like annoyingly loud upstairs neighbors then I will.  I have been addicted to Lindsey Starling as of late. 

What book was your least favorite read of 2015?  For me that would have to be Echo Among Stars, I didn't hate it but it just didn't grab me and given the amount of 5 star amazing books it had stiff competition. 

Most anticipated book for 2016 so far.  Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare the first book in The Dark Artifices the new Shadowhunter story.

Favorite reading spot. I move a lot.  I can't sit still for too long or things go to sleep lol.  So I shift around between all my furniture when reading at home, but I prefer my loveseat most right now.  But honestly anywhere that lets me read in peace is my favorite.

I Tag:
Danielle & Jessie Ageless Page Reviews
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My Questions:
  • What's the last 5 Star book you read (completed)?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • Do you have a reading ritual, things you like to have when you read?
  • Book to Movie adaptations do you enjoy them?
  • What book would you recommend I read ASAP?
  • Favorite book format?  Hardcover, Paperback, E-book, Audiobook, borrowed books?
  • Favorite book you had to read in school (high school or college)?
  • Do you go to book events (signings or cons)?  What are your favorite ones?
  • What's one book/series that you refuse to read even if all your book friends gush about it?
  • What book are you MOST excited about coming out at any time in the future?


  1. Hardcover all the way! And library cards never get old! Thank you for nominating me! I actually did this a while back, but I appreciate it! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Awesome! I still haven't made it to my local library to check it out but it's on my list.