Monday, September 7, 2015

Sin by Casey Bond ~ A sexy fun time in Sin City

                I hope everyone had a good weekend, I myself lazed about and did some reading and begrudgingly some chores around the house.  Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about Sin by Casey Bond, one of my UtopYA finds. 

Rating: 5 Stars

                Sin is the story of Morgan Sinclare, daughter of US Senator who has been locked away from the world her whole life in private all-girls schools or at home.  That is until she overhears her father selling her to the highest bidder.  She's to marry one of his old friends, someone twice her age.  She has nothing to do but wait for her moment and play a good daughter.  The wedding is set to happen as soon as possible and as she won't be given a grand wedding of her childhood dreams, she is allowed to pick the honeymoon destination.  Las Vegas.  A place full of mystery and magic, a good place to disappear.

                I found this to be a super fun and fast read.  Seriously, it's really short.  The e-book also comes in sections or as a whole, I think it was released as a serial.  I just read the whole thing in one sitting because once you start you just need to know how it ends.  I really enjoyed the character of Morgan.  She had a plan and she was bound and determined to start over and she was so easy to like and that only grew when she met Brooklyn.  The two of them together was just perfect.  The banter and the way that you can just click with someone else you only just met and know they are going to be a great friend for a long time.  And then there is Shane, oh yummy dark and brooding guy who can literally kick ass.  Shane and Morgan have instant chemistry and watching that tension build on and on was just steamy.  I wouldn't mind having to take photos of him for my job, just saying. 

                I suggest anyone looking for a good fun read full of sexual tension and funny moments along the way should check this one out.  I would consider it a cleaner NA as the characters are old enough to be married off in the modern day.  Plus the fun of Sin City.  That's all for now, until next time.

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