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Throne of Glass by the wonderful Sarah J Maas

                Hello again my fellow book lovers.  Today I’m going to share my thoughts and feels for a book I’m sure most of you have if not read heard of, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.  I have finished the series up to the newest release Queen of Shadows which came out Tuesday September 1st.  I held off on reviewing this series for a while so I could do them through the next couple weeks as I work my way through this monster of a new book.  It’s over 600 pages and while I'd love to sit and marathon it my back still isn't 100% and not sure I'll be able to sit for that long but I'm going to try!

Rating: 5 Stars

                Anyways let's talk about where this all started, Throne of Glass.  For those of you living under a rock, Throne of Glass is about Celaena Sardothien 18-year-old assassin.  Once top of her profession now pulled from a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes and put before Crown Prince Dorian.  He makes her an offer, fight for him as his champion in a competition to be the royal assassin in exchange for being free of the mines and if she wins her freedom after her service term.  Seems like a no brainer.  Celaena has to fight past her opponents all men of different skill sets from across the empire each sponsored by a member of the kings council.  She was once the best, it should be easy but a year in the salt mines have taken their toll and she must train with the captain of the guard, Chaol.  Celaena must also face court life while competing.  Dull politics and ladies of court are livened up when the prince starts to show and interest in her even if Captain Chaol seems to understand her best. If that wasn't enough to keep a girl buys contestants start to turn up dead in vicious ways, leaving her to investigate the deaths and hope that by finding the killer she can keep herself alive.  Maybe even find her destiny along the way.

                Awesome high fantasy full of action and intrigue.  Need I say more?  I will say I read about 25% of Throne of Glass then read started reading the novellas bind-up, The Assassin's Blade, alongside it, like 1 every other day or so while I continued the series since I had heard mixed things about when to read them.  The novellas are not necessary but they are the full stories of things alluded to in Throne of Glass that I knew how they would end I enjoyed reading more detail on.  So my personal suggestion is to read Throne of Glass first or start it and get a feel for Celaena before you read the novellas because while she is the same character she changes a lot and I was able to appreciate glimpses of her past better knowing her character better.

Back image (UK cover w/ white background)
                Now Celaena!  I just love her.  She is such a kick ass heroin.  She's equal bits deadly and girly.  She's a mix of stubborn, prideful, confident, determined, and still with all of that still has a fragility to her.  The cover at least I know for hardcover, has the image of our Celaena all bad ass and assassin like on them, but on the back it has the same pose and such, the back image but instead of her battle attire Celaena is decked out in a gorgeous dress looking a whole different kind of deadly.  I love this aspect because she is both parts.  She can be gritty and down to the bone no care for her appearance to take care of what needs to be done but she can also deeply appreciate a spa day and pampering one's self with the finest of beauty products and clothing.  So to have covers that fit our heroine so well was just starting off right.  She has so much to relate to, not the assassin part of course or hope not anyways, but that she struggles with many different things in her life and trying to move on and make the most of what she has. 

                One of the things that she has is some boy trouble.  You have probably already heard about the teams, Team Dorian and Team Chaol by now.  When I was reading book one I was conflicted on the matter.  Because when she does flirt and have a connection with Prince Dorian, let's not forget his title there, I also liked the banter and connection she had with his friend and Captain of the Guard Chaol.  They both seemed to like a different side of her and, like the covers, she is more than one or the other.  I found myself enjoying both sides and honestly I could have been happy if she ended up with either of them, though I admit to silently rooting for Chaol.  For me, he just seemed to get who she was a bit more.  Maas does not make it easy in any of her books when all of her male characters are just so yummy and amazing.  Why can we not make them real for us fangirls again?

I mean look at this quote!
                Now the story is about a whole lot more than some romance and sexual tension.   The meat of the story is not just characters but pushing them through the ringer with trials.  The competition was super interesting and it almost reminded me of a brutal and deadly version of the Apprentice (which I've never watched so I could be wrong) and an episode of CSI.  Watching as Celaena in the different trials and tasks was impressive and seeing the mystery unravel with each page flip was just magical.  There is literally so much to these books I couldn't even begin to scratch the surface without telling you everything blow for blow and ruining the discovering for you, but trust me it was awesome.  So much blended so well you don't realize the time passing as you immerse yourself. 

                Watching as Celaena deals with everything both physically and emotionally was such fun.  She has been through some serious stuff and she has to deal with it in her own way.  Part of that is with meeting a much needed girl friend, Nehemia.  While they might not always be on the same path they become fast friends and with everything else it was very nice to see Celaena have that small joy.  And it wouldn't be a complete review unless I mentioned Fleetfoot!  Oh I just adore that little pup, but then again who doesn't love dogs in books?

                 I highly recommend this series if you haven't started it yet.  Give it a go.  It's a high fantasy gold mine with royal intrigue and court drama, which is always fun.  Wars and rebellion, fae, magic, romance, action, adventure, mystery, basically everything you could want wrapped up with  pretty bow.  I'll be reviewing the other two books in the series the next two to three weeks and read Queen of Shadows to review it.  So stay turned.  

               That's all for today check back tomorrow for my Stacking Shelves post and find out what new goodies I've gotten in August.  Send some love in the comments below and let me know if you've read Throne of Glass or are reading it what your thoughts are.  Also if you have picked a team, which one are you

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