Friday, November 17, 2017

The Chemist

                Hello happy readers!  I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holidays.  I have started on my baking list, yes I need a list to bring some order to the chaos that becomes my kitchen, and hope to have some type of order.  That said I have managed to get some audiobook time in and finish a couple books.  Today I'd like to talk about the first, The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. 

Rating: 4 Stars

                I have been curious about this book since it came out since Twilight got me back into reading again I will always be interested in Meyer.  That said I also really enjoyed The Host and wish I could get those other books that were promised when I first read it.  Still even though I still want that I was curious about this new book.  It takes a very different turn as it has no supernatural elements and is more spy / cat and mouse type story.  Alex, as she goes by at the moment, used to work for the government but not many knew of her or her work as she was the dark secret they kept under wraps.  She was a chemist, the chemist really, able to brake any subject without mutilation but with chemistry.  She was the best, until they decided she was a liability and tried to erase her.  She has spent the last few years on the run from the people she used to work for.  Then one day her former handler offers her one last job to clear the slate and the target off her back.  Things are never easy though.

                I honestly went into the story not knowing much about it.  I just dove right in and let the story develop in front of me.  I enjoyed Alex.  She was methodical to the point of insanity at times but when you live on the run you have to be.  I loved that she had learned what she could from any source even farfetched spy books.  I understood her.  She acts tougher than she is because she has to and that is think most people can connect with.  Then as the story moves on and we get introduced to other characters, predominantly Daniel and Kevin.  While we don't get as much out of them as we do Alex being in her head we do see more about  them as a whole and their struggles.

                This book is rather dark at times from the job she does and the crisp efficiency she has at it or the many fights/chases/etc. that involve the body count constantly rising.  Some moments hit you in surprise and hit you harder than you'd expect.  There is serious violence in this as well as things are not pretty by any means.  Still there was a balance and Meyer found a way to bring in tender or humorous moments.  The connections between people and what we will do for them is something I always enjoy watching play out.  What makes you want to run or fight.  I enjoy seeing different takes on things like this as its something we all think about when read/watching something "what would I do" type thing.

                The Chemist was like a spy movie you can put on and enjoy anytime.  It has lots of everything going for it and was a pretty quick listen, possibly because one you get listening you don't want to pause again until you hit a break in the action.  There is plenty to keep the story moving along in both action and emotional content and the overall cat and mouse espionage of it all.  While it did have some little things here and there that kind of pushed believability even for a work of fiction at times it didn't hold me back to much and I still enjoyed it overall.

                Until next time…

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