Friday, August 28, 2015

Cursed Book One of the Beholder Series ~ Cover Reveal

                Hello happy readers!  Today I am working with Xpresso Book Tours and Ink Monster to spread the word about a new series they are putting out by Christina Bauer and share the cover release.  The book is Cursed and it is book one in the Beholder series. Cursed is set to release on March 29th 2016 and is listed as a Fantasy, Romance, YA.  I am beyond excited for the new series, I have such high hopes because thus far I LOVE all three series they currently put out.  They all have amazing kick ass female characters that you love from the start.  First things first let's show you that beautiful cover, this is a cover reveal after all:
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                Beautiful cover aside.  To wet your whistle further here is the synopsis of Cursed:

Although Elea's the most powerful necromancer in history, she's spent most of her nineteen years imprisoned in the Midnight Cloisters.  Enchanted manacles keep her unique brand of soul magick in check.  While the guards and initiates seem contented to torment her, the Cloister's Mother Superior is obsessed with finding a safe way to destroy Elea, both body and soul.

Escape seems impossible until a handsome hunter named Asher offers to help.  Elea takes a chance and soon develops feelings for the mysterious stranger.  However, Asher may not be who he claims.  Then again Elea may not be, either…

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                That sounds pretty amazing don't you think?  I do.  If I haven't said it enough I'm ready for this book.  Christina Bauer has written another series from Ink Monster that you may have seen me gushing over before, Angelbound, and that is only the first in the series with another set to come out in October.  Christina also graduated from Syracuse University's Newhouse School with a BA's in English as well as Televisions, Radio, and Film Production.  Her day job is in marketing for companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and Brainshark.  She even founded her own software start-up Mindful Technologies back in the go-go 90's.  Christina believes that, upon close examination of Tolkien's text, it's entirely possible that the Balrog was wearing fuzzy bunny slippers. 

                I want to thank Ink Monster and Xpresso Book Tours for letting me take part in this exciting announcement.  I'm ready for this book.  If you are interested in any of the other books they have out, I just so happen to have reviewed each and every one of them!  I was serious when I said I LOVED them.  I'll like them with their titles. 

Angelbound Series: Angelbound, Scala, Armageddon, Maxon
Alpha Girl Series: Becoming Alpha, Avoiding Alpha, Alpha Divided, Bruja
The Shadow Ravens Series: Cipher  


  1. This book sounds amazing. I am adding it to my tbr on goodreads and my Amazon wishlist. Thanks for sharing this with us! Lovely cover :)

    1. I'm super excited about this premises. I haven't read much with necromancers so I'm excited to delve back into it.